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@hotel is a travel inspiration, planning, and booking platform that helps travelers turn their wanderlust into their next trip.

@hotel owns and operates over 100 social media brands in travel, covering every major destination, and Instagram travel topic brands.

Our remote-first team fully embraces our core values of boldness, determination, ownership, and hospitality.

Meet the Team

Our fully remote team spans seven countries and eight time zones, and share the same enthusiasm for travel and its potential to break down barriers.
Konrad Waliszewski portrait photo
Konrad Waliszewski
Washington, D.C.
Andy Acs portrait photo
Andy Acs
Washington, D.C.
Richard Hessler portrait photo
Richard Hessler
British Columbia, Canada
Ahmed Darwish portrait photo
Ahmed Darwish
Cairo, Egypt
Ahmed Serry portrait photo
Ahmed Serry
Cairo, Egypt
Aly Elkhadem portrait photo
Aly Elkhadem
Cairo, Egypt
Dejan Markovic portrait photo
Dejan Markovic
Noel Jackson portrait photo
Noel Jackson
Lisbon, Portugal
Fouad Fawzy portrait photo
Fouad Fawzy
Cairo, Egypt
Hisham Darwish portrait photo
Hisham Darwish
Cairo, Egypt
Ian Shields portrait photo
Ian Shields
Washington, D.C.
Laura Wilson portrait photo
Laura Wilson
Nashville, Tennessee
Mateo Mejia portrait photo
Mateo Mejia
Manizales, Colombia
Shady El-Mashak portrait photo
Shady El-Mashak
Dahab, Egypt
Sara Nour portrait photo
Sara Nour
Cairo, Egypt
Rana Ashraf portrait photo
Rana Ashraf
Cairo, Egypt
Mohamed Mohsen portrait photo
Mohamed Mohsen
Cairo, Egypt
Mariam Zein portrait photo
Mariam Zein
Cairo, Egypt
Hyman Ahmed portrait photo
Hyman Ahmed
Cairo, Egypt
Razan Othman portrait photo
Razan Othman
Cairo, Egypt
Lara Farrag portrait photo
Lara Farrag
Cairo, Egypt
Bassem Shehata portrait photo
Bassem Shehata
Cairo, Egypt
Krzysztof Stanislawek portrait photo
Krzysztof Stanislawek
Puebla, Mexico
Carl Pierre portrait photo
Carl Pierre
Washington, D.C.
Karim Abdelkader portrait photo
Karim Abdelkader
Cairo, Egypt
Brynn Chadwick portrait photo
Brynn Chadwick
Perth, Australia
Mohamed Tariq portrait photo
Mohamed Tariq
Cairo, Egypt
Brian Khasara portrait photo
Brian Khasara
Cairo, Egypt
Fadi Nabil portrait photo
Fadi Nabil
Cairo, Egypt
Abdullah Hesham portrait photo
Abdullah Hesham
Cairo, Egypt
Omar Yasser portrait photo
Omar Yasser
Cairo, Egypt
Maryam Amr portrait photo
Maryam Amr
Cairo, Egypt
Maiar Hamza portrait photo
Maiar Hamza
Cairo, Egypt
Youssef Emara portrait photo
Youssef Emara
Cairo, Egypt

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The @hotel team believes we can create a more curious and compassionate world through travel. This is why we're building a team dedicated to becoming the most loved and trusted company in travel to make this vision a reality. So if you want to join us in revolutionizing how people experience the world, let's talk!

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@hotel owns and operates over 100 social media brands in travel, covering every major destination and travel topic.


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