Frequently Asked Questions

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Travel Better with @hotel

Hotels shouldn’t just be the place where you shut your eyes at night. An amazing hotel makes travel better, and our mission is to help you find the hotel you’ll love at the absolute best price. A lot of companies make big promises around travel discounts and it can be hard to know who to trust, so here’s how this works:

1. How do you get such big discounts?

Hotels have always offered commissions to companies that help them sell rooms. For the biggest and best hotels, sometimes those commissions can be huge. Rather than keeping those huge commissions, we pass as much as we can back to travelers.

2. Why are the discounts secret?

The big rule in the travel industry is that everyone agrees to sell at a minimum price – publicly. But privately, you are allowed to offer any discount you would like. By only giving access to these rates through Instagram, email, or by creating an account, we are able to offer bigger discounts.

3. How long do the deals last?

Hotels have limited inventory, so rates and availability are constantly changing. If you see a great deal for a hotel you love, we recommend booking it right away, especially if it is fully cancellable. We’re getting new deals all the time, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, we recommend checking back soon.

4. Are there any hidden fees?

Our rates include all taxes, however sometimes hotels change additional “resort fees” that need to be paid to the hotel directly. However, these fees are always displayed and shown before you check out and pay, and this is how every hotel booking site operates and handles these fees.

5. Can I cancel my reservation?

Some rooms are cancellable, others are not. We’ll always clearly display the cancellation policy, you can also easily filter to only show hotels with cancellable rates. To cancel your reservation, simply email us at and we will reply as fast as humanly possible. Please forward us your confirmation email or your name and we will be able to find and cancel your reservation.

6. Why should I trust @hotel?

We’re a global company that has raised several rounds of funding— including a $10M Series A—from top-tier investors who have backed some of the world’s biggest travel companies. Our mission as avid travelers ourselves is to make it possible for you, our customers, to travel more, travel better, and spend less. You can learn more about our company and team at